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Become a Software Developer in 15 weeks. It’s that simple.

Will learning programming be too hard for me?

We have developed a

curriculum that doesn’t require

any background in computers.

If you can read, write and

perform basic math, you

can learn programming.

I don’t have enough time
or money to go to college…

Our boot camp is fast and

affordable. We will train you for

what you need to know and

in high-demand languages,

so you can get a good job

as a software developer.

I am looking for a career change…

Software Development is one

of the best jobs in America,

with junior developers

making anywhere between

$40,000-70,000 a year in

their first job. We create

software developers.

Self-Paced – 100% Job Placement Rate – Open Enrollment – Proficiency-Based Training
Financing Options Available
The Tech Academy is Portland’s premier Software Development Boot Camp training program. After just 15 weeks in our immersion program, graduates leave as skilled entry-level Software Developers.
Our program is designed for people who are serious about their careers; from job-seekers just beginning in their careers to seasoned professionals ready to make a significant, positive change in their lives. We’re bridging the gap to help you get to where you’re going faster, better and smarter.

Through The Tech Academy program, you will receive real-world, hands-on learning of Software Development.

15 weeks might seem like a short amount of time to become a developer, but we’ve perfected

the process. Learn how you can start a new career through our courses.